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2020/21 Avalanche Course List Posted

Sign-ups are now available for all 2020/21 IPAC Avalanche Courses. Click over to the Education page for all the details and form to secure your spot! Take your Level 1 Refresher, Level 1 Safety Course or Avalanche Rescue Fundamentals course from Friends of IPAC!

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7th Doug Abromeit Avalanche Scholarship Winners Announced

Congratulations to Emma Hall and Neva Reseska, THE RECIPIENTS OF THE 7th ANNUAL, 2020 DOUG ABROMEIT AVALANCHE SCHOLARSHIP!  IPAC will send Emma and Neva to an IPAC LEVEL 1 AVY CLASS IN 2021 .  NICE GOING GIRLS!

Transceiver Sundays at Schweitzer

Schweitzer ski patrol is encouraging and offering weekly free "Transceiver Sundays" (clock tower at 10:00 a.m.) to all interested public with two permanent practice areas and one more difficult challenge that is on a less regular basis. All they ask is that the public covers up their tracks and if practicing digging techniques, please replace your divot. This is a great way to keep on your A game for those venturing out of bounds.