Snow observations from Rabbit Gulch tour

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Rabbit Gulch
Silver Valley Area
Date and time of observation: 
Sun, 12/29/2019 - 10:04
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United States
47° 32' 33.2484" N, 115° 45' 28.1232" W

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Snowpit Observations
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In the open trees around 5100 feet, we found soft fluffy snow on top of a crust. The crust and new snow seemed to be better bonded than at the 5300ish elevation where the trees were much thicker. The snow at this elevation seemed to be bonded well to itself but not the slicker ice crust underneath it. It would stuff away while skinning up the track. Once we got out of the trees and into the scree field, the thicker ice crust still existed with mediocre bonding to the new snow up to about 5700 feet. After this, we noticed less crust and softer, deeper snow from 5700-6000 feet. After 6000 feet, there was no longer a crust, and deep, soft fluffy powder to our final elevation of 6200 feet. 

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