Glidden Pow day

Location Name: 
Glidden Ridge
Silver Valley Area
Date and time of observation: 
Fri, 01/01/2021 - 11:00
Location Map: 
United States
47° 32' 5.7408" N, 115° 42' 22.752" W

Red Flags: 
Whumphing noises, shooting cracks, or collapsing
Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain

Observation made by: Public
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

Stayed on the South aspect, no pit was dug.  Windloading and some wind slabbing noted. 

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As stated above in the weather report, it was a beautiful day to tour glidden.  A new skin track was punched in and snowconditions cooperated all the way to the ridgeline.  Closer to the summit, while moving through some open parks, 2 different "whumphing" was noted.  South aspect wind slabbing was noted as well.  These were the only two observations observed on the tour up.  Ride down was about as perfect as you could hope for with almost a foot of fresh.  No sloughs noted from anyone in the group.  

Side note, the sled in is absolutely, brutal.  The road is whooped out all the way basically to the skin track.  

Enjoy everyone!  Hopefully the skin track survives this new forecasted storm.  Stay safe and see ya on the hill!

Weather Observations
Blowing Snow: 
Cloud Cover: 
50% of the sky covered by clouds
Air temperature: 
Above Freezing
Wind Speed: 
Air temperature trend: 
Wind Direction: 
Accumulation rate: 
More detailed information about the weather: 

Beautiful day up on Glidden!  Scattered clouds and intermittent sun complimented a very mild 32-34 degree temps.  Light shifting winds at the base of the ridge with light winds out of the SW at the ridge line.  Light (very) and intermittent snowfall was noted with no appreciable accumulation.  All in all pretty ideal touring conditions